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Traditional Weight Loss Programs Have Failed Us

Some of us have been there before. A routine check up at the doctor reveals we’re getting close to developing type 2 diabetes. Our worried doctors tell us to focus on losing 5% of our bodyweight to gain our health back—which sounds simple enough, but is MUCH easier said than done.

Many of the recommendations sound simple. Eat less calories, focus on whole foods rather than packaged foods and join a gym to exercise more. Some of these things are already mainstays in our life, but we try extra hard for the next two weeks.

We see little results and feel discouraged all over again. That’s where a weight loss program comes in! Their commercials tell us how quickly and easily we can lose the weight, and we jump in with high hopes. And suddenly we’re on our 4th weight loss program, and the frustrating cycle seems to go on and on and on.

We’re told time and time again—“this is the ONE diet plan that will shrink your waistline, get rid of stubborn belly fat and prevent diabetes.” So we try one after another... We are told to severely restrict carbs, count calories and exercise for an hour a day but, frustratingly, we see little progress. 

Many programs promote a gym membership and we’re left feeling like we need to become a bodybuilder to manage prediabetes. This is unrealistic for many busy working people—we know, we’ve tried. For people age 50 and above, this can even cause serious injuries without proper guidance...

We are told to try different meal plans and endless supplement pills... and the price of regaining our health just keeps adding up... but the thing we all have in common in this experience—none of us want to live this way…

That's Where Palette Comes In...

At Palette, we want to provide you with the support and evidence-based tools you need to feel empowered and in control of your own health. This is what it means to be a health builder rather than a constant “weight watcher.” The information on how to prevent diabetes is out there, but information does not create health—lifestyle changes do! Our goal is to help you on your quest to preventing diabetes, whether that means you need help with what to eat, how to be more active or how to overcome challenges. Our program is specifically designed for people with prediabetes and weight loss concerns age 50 or above.

We all know by now that the one-diet-fits-all approaches don’t work! The coaches at Palette won’t tell you to eat a specific way. We enable you to better understand the impact of daily diet on your health goals with innovative technology so you can follow a systematic and personalized approach to maintain the freedom to eat the things you like! 

Supported by our online and offline coaching programs, Palette helps you learn what type of exercises to try and how frequently to do them in order to find the perfect balance for you! No gym membership is required. 

On your journey to become a health builder, you are never alone and don't have to fight prediabetes all by yourself. Joining a like-minded Palette Health Builder community where you can engage, share your stories and support each other is crucial to achieve lasting results.

So, let’s shed the fear of weight loss and prediabetes; let’s regain our health identity and confidence by becoming a Palette Health Builder...

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-Russell Brunson
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