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Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked Questions

 What makes Palette's lifestyle intervention program different from others out there?

Our program is FREE to try and is backed by years of research conducted by the CDC, AMA and other leading health organizations.

Do I need to come into the office?

 No!  We offer our program remotely so all interactions will be conducted from the comfort of your home.  We use video conferencing for weekly/monthly sessions or email correspondence in between!

How much does the program cost?

 The program is offered free of cost for Medicare patients.  Anyone without Medicare can join the program as well, and we would be happy to tell you a little more about our pricing options during a FREE consultation!

 Will my insurance cover this program?

 Some employers and insurance carriers DO cover the cost of these programs. Check with your employer or insurance carrier to see if they cover the cost of attending.  Medicare patients are eligible to complete the program at no cost to them!

How do I know if I'm eligible for the program?

 There are different guidelines depending on your unique circumstances.  Our lifestyle coaches would be happy to help you determine you eligibility in your free consultation, or you can check you score on the CDC's risk test below.

 Is exercise required on your program?

 Hardcore exercising or a gym membership is not required in our program.  To see the best results, you will be encouraged to complete moderate physical activities on a weekly basis, for example, a simple 20-30 minute walk.

Will I be able to go out to dinner and socialize while on your program?

 Yes!  Our coaches will teach you what to eat when you're out to dinner or socializing with friends and loved ones. We have plenty of tips and tricks to help you stay on track while still enjoying life!

 Will you tell me exactly what to eat?

 We will give you guidelines to help you choose foods that are health promoting AND enjoyable for you!  Our program is very flexible and our coaches can help you eat healthy without giving up all the foods you love. 

 Join our affiliate program!

 As an affiliate of Palette Care, you earn 100% commission each time a new member of your community signs up for our National Diabetes Prevention Program.  



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